Thoughts On Commenting

Non mine, Garret Dimon’s. He makes a lot of sense. My disapointment with that is; how come we even need to talk about this? Seems like basic “netiquette” to me. And yet, I’m sure most bloggers have examples of people contradicting almost every point in his list, pretty sad really.


Martine May 11, 2005

“It seems that so many times I’ll see random comments that look like they have completely missed the point of the conversation. In many cases, it’s someone who commented without reading any of the discussion or only skimming the post.”


Alex May 11, 2005

Ah oui, moi aussi je suis tanné. Je veux plus en entendre parler du scandale des commandites. Svp, déclenchez des élections qu’on en finisse.

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