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I don’t really follow stats anymore, I use Technorati (now that it sucks less) to see who’s linking me so I can respond and compare total page views month on month to see progression but that’s about it. All of that to say that I don’t check my Feedburner numbers all that often, last time was probably around christmas. That’s how I was able to notice that my subscriber numbers since then have risen more than 30%!! In a month and a half!

I’m guessing it’s a mix of reasons, more people using RSS feeds for one but the main reason is probably the first 45 Nord and the recent increase in numbers at Yulblog, a lot of linking occurs then and I’m sure a number of people discover new blogs that way. It could also come from Austin who’s linked me a few times, we have a number of similar subject matters and I think he’s already got some good readership numbers so maybe the new readers come from him.

If you’ve recently subscribed and remember how you got here, I’d appreciate a comment pointing out the source. Thx.

Are the new readers gone yet?

[Updated Feb. 20th] I noticed it just in time, 2 days later the subscriptions jumped another 25% when Google gave access to their numbers and Feedburner was able to compile individual readers.


Philippe-A. February 14, 2007

Comment on fait pour savoir combien de gens sont abonnés à notre Phil RSS?

me: the sequel February 14, 2007

Patrick – I think you harbour latent statistician tendencies! :P

I’ve also recently subscribed to your feed (after meeting you in Dec. and thereby putting a face to a blog) so I guess I’m one of the drops in the 30% bucket!

Patrick February 15, 2007

p.a.: Soit en utilisant Feedburner c’est à dire que tes abonnés vont alors passer par Feedburner pour voir ton feed et les stats seront alors compilées et “démêlées” pour savoir le nombre plus exact. Sans ça tu vois les hits sur ton feed mais tu ne sais pas si c’est une personne dont le logiciel refresh 50 fois ou 50 personnes une fois. Aussi, FB va savoir si tu as 130 abonnés sur Bloglines qui lisent tous la même copie alors que du côté de ton blogue tu verrais un seul hit. Je pense que Mint peut faire quelque chose de semblable mais je ne crois pas que ça puisse être installé sur Blogger.

s: thx

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