VC Money at FOWA

Good quick coverage of the Future of Web Apps conference at Read/Write Web. It seems to be more oriented to business than it used to be which is too bad but at the same time the most interesting part seems to have been Ben Holmes’ talk about the VC Process. I especially like the list of reasons not to get VC money.

  1. You will probably miss out on the option of any small exit opportunity, which in a lot of cases could be very lucrative personally;
  2. You will be bound to a minimum of 3+ years of hard work building your idea up;
  1. You will lose the opportunity to run a lifestyle business.


Sylvain Carle February 22, 2007

+1 insightful… C’est en plein le genre de réflexions que je fais en ce moment.

Patrick February 22, 2007

Exact. Je suis pas dans ce type de décision présentement mais je sais que c’est quelque chose à quoi je penserais et c’est dans la même veine que ce qui se passe à l’année à plus petite échelle, c’est à dire prendre tout ce qui passe pour “faire du cash” ou en refuser au besoin pour pas être overworked et se faire chier.

m-c Turgeon February 23, 2007

for us its a lot about staying out of a buzz – getting vc money is so fashionable these days, reading techcrunch before going to sleep and first thing when getting up is definitely not the thing to do.

we want to be sustainable on the long term, and be happy doing what we love on a daily basis – of course we want to make money, but a healthy lifestyle has priority. I’ve never been a pocker addict, and after much thinking, money is definitely not the solution to everything in our case. freedom is.

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