The Real Work Day Challenge

Good article by David Carson, The Four Day Week Challenge. My problem is actually working too often, not too many hours. It’s a “Real Work Day Challenge” for me. I work 6-7 days a week but the number of hours is probably similar to a 4 day week. I spread it out too much so since I work a bit during most half days, I end up feeling like I’m always working and don’t have time to do other things which is ludicrous.

I do a good job of scheduling stuff in terms of weeks and delivering projects on time so I’m not working my ass off or unable to schedule, but rather doing a bad job of making and keeping to a schedule from day to day. It’s also a problem that I view the vast majority of the reading I do online as part of the job so I don’t stop myself often enough from reading and researching, even when doing some other thing would be more productive.

I don’t want to schedule everything too much though because I know I’ll then let other opportunities slide by for the sake of the schedule. As in everything, balance is the key and I’ve got to work on that.