The Race Toward Clean Cloud Computing

A few months ago, I wrote about infrastructure opportunities, seems I’m not the only one thinking along those lines:

Locating the server farms in the Canadian north offers several environmental advantages. These include easy access to clean energy sources such as wind and geo-thermal energy and, given the colder climate, decreased energy requirements to cool the computer server farms. In fact, St. Arnaud argues that the heat generated by the computers can be captured and used to heat nearby buildings leading to zero carbon data centres.

In addition to the environmental considerations, locating computer server farms in Canada would offer Canadians better privacy protection since their data would never leave the country and would be subject to national privacy laws.—The Race Toward Clean Cloud Computing

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Jeremy Clarke April 10, 2008

Awesome. Thanks for the link. It’s such a good idea, the only hard part is convincing enough sysadmins to move so far north, though I guess some of them might not mind the isolation…

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