Escalante Blue

The name of my company, Taste of Blue is taken from a William Gibson quote but I love how Matt Webb defines and relates blue to the internet in his Escalante presentation :

Blue is a good colour. It’s the colour of Neptune, of course; it’s the colour of the future of humanity. It is the colour of deep seas and of Cherenkov radiation.

When we finally move on from Earth in the late 24th century and take over the solar system, our city-sized generation ships will take off into clear blue skies just like this.
(slide 54)

And blue is the colour of hyperlinks. It’s the colour of the virtual, of potential, of what might be beyond this link. It’s the colour of what’s about to come. It’s the colour of possibility. It’s the true colour of the web.
(slide 55)

Outside of the blue thing, fantastic presentation all around.