The Incredibles

The Incredibles (9.5)


lightspeedchick June 6, 2003

I’m amazed to hear myself say this, but my anticipation for The Incredibles is actually only lukewarm. I think Toy Story 1 and 2 were absolute genius, A Bug’s Life was fairly entertaining (for what I can recall of it), but I wasn’t blown away as much by their last two, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo. So I’m cautious in raising my expectations for Incredibles. In most of the circles I run in, it’s blasphemy to criticize Monsters, and Nemo is sure to follow, but here goes anyway.

See, I found Pixar’s last two had the same problem: technically amazing, but the script just didn’t make me laugh as much as Disney’s Shrek, Lilo and Stitch or The Emperor’s New Groove, or Pixar’s own Toy Story. I’m told by my 3D animator friends that Pixar is by far superior technically to everything else out there. As a nave moviegoer, though, that difference just isn’t as important to me as how many bellylaughs I have watching a movie. In Pixar’s last two, I found that the best jokes and surprises were, sadly, in the previews.

(That having been said, I will probably see The Incredibles on opening weekend, just like I did for Monsters and Nemo) :)

Patrick June 6, 2003

I was rolling on the floor at Monsters Inc. although I have to agree that Shrek was even funnier. I just think I’ll very much enjoy the super hero stuff. I havent seen the other Disney movies you mention, I guess I only watch computer generated animated movies. (I’m aware most of them have a lot of computer wizzardy even if they dont look it but you know what I mean) When I go see those I know I’ll enjoy admiring the technical aspects wether there’s a lot of jokes for adults or not.

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