I’m not informed enough concerning everything surrounding international trade and varying work conditions to give a worthwile opinion on it but I certainly found it interesting to read how in Cambodia working for a sweatshop is a step up, a dream, something you might bribe others to get. 2$ a day in a factory seems horrible to us but is a “decent” salary indoors for others. I still don’t have the whole picture and certainly don’t defend companies like Nike but it’s good to at least get some more information.

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karl January 15, 2004

It’s a multidimensional problems.

$2 is certainly a lot for the people there but it’s still a cheaper price for big clothing companies than producing on the country they are actually selling. What are the results?

– higher salary but still lower than in Europe or America
– lower social conditions of work than in Europe or America
– less work for people in Europe or America
– huge benefits made using this cheap workforce.

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