New “feature” for this site, I often find links that I just want to mention, the type of thing that I would email to friends but that I want to keep a trace of, this new page is the compilation of those links, split in 4 categories.

Design is mostly sites with nice designs that I want to be able to find again but instead of just bookmarking I’m sharing, aint that nice!

Books might have some links to specific books but so far it’s a list of sites about books.

f.f.f. stands for found for friends and altought there arent that many items so far, it’s there to list sites that are interesting to friends but that I mostly dont know anything about so I cant really blog about it.

World started out as a world news thing, the first few were about the war but I havent done much posting in a while. It might expand to include or even completely switch to travel instead.

I’ve set up an RSS feed for each category and a complete one with everything.

Last thing, on my iBook the colors look fine, at work it was very dark but my screen is set that way. If it’s unpleasantly dark on your screen please say so in the comments or email me.