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I’m seriously considering going to this IA conference held here in Montréal and where quite a few interesting people will be speaking (Jeff Veen, Steward ‘Flickr’ Butterfield, Adam Greenfield, Peter Merholz, Mike Kuniavsky, Peter Morville and Louis Rosenfeld to name a few). However, even though it’s less expensive than a lot of other conferences, it’s still over $600CA for three days. Anyone reading this have any kind of plug to get in cheaper? I know it’s a longshot but at the same time, consider it passing along the info on a promising conference.

Note: Pricing gets more expensive after the 28th of this month so if you know something, hurry and tell me ;)

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Karl Dubost January 28, 2005

I have just sent a mail to try to know if there’s someone from W3C going there.

But it’s unlikely given that the W3C Technical Plenary is on Feb 28 to March 4

At least Northern Voice is on Feb 19, which makes me think that I have to book my flight to go there.

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