Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

This show is going to kick large amounts of ass. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip features an excellent cast with Bradley Whitford, Timothy Busfield, Matthew Perry (dude looks like shit though) and Amanda Peet, who’s excellent but kind of miscast I mean president? She looks 28 years old. Best part of course is that it’s created by Aaron Sorkin.

The whole pilot is available online, here’s part one on Youtube (leaked (on purpose?)), you can also see the next 4.



Alexandre August 3, 2006

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not the leak was intentional. Some pilots are distributed online on purpose and seem to be generating a lot of buzz. Maybe some television executives have actually seen the light?

Epicure August 5, 2006

Trop tard, il n’est plus disponible… Anyway, ça sera plus agréable à regarder sur la télé que sur un écran d’ordi.

J’achève la saison 5 de West Wing en DVD, la 6è attend pas trop loin et ce sera la 7è début novembre. Très contente d’avoir du nouveau matériel de Sorkin dès l’automne!

Martine August 5, 2006

Sais-tu où ça va jouer et quand ça commence?

Patrick August 5, 2006

NBC, Mondays, 10h00pm. Je sais pas quelle date ça commence.

l August 10, 2006

Wish they had cast Stephanie Romanov as Jordan. Perry looks hot. Older and sexier. Keep in mind his character had back surgery that week, so I suppose he was supposed to look a little dopey.

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