Survivor 13

The interesting thing I see so far with the new racially divided Survivor is that they’ve diversified each of the four teams like they normally do the two so you’ve got less “types” of people. You have a load of jocks, most of the women are around the same age and there’s an older guy per tribe. That makes it a lot harder to guess at who might win.

I also notice that they have no older alpha males playing. There are young guys who look super strong and older guys who’ll probably do some interesting stuff but they certainly wont dominate like the two I have in mind. When I say older alpha males I mean Terry who didn’t win but completely dominated from day one and Tom who dominated and won. Those two led 2 of the last 3 seasons. No equivalent this year which is too bad because that’s my favorite kind of game. By the way, I don’t often talk about women much in terms of winning, not because they don’t or aren’t good but because when they win it’s pretty much always a stealth game of not pissing off people and staying in the game which I find boring.

Last thing. I’m sorry but the causcasians are way hotter women wise. There’s a hot latina, a hot asian and three hot caucasians. And no, it’s not a question of preference, just look ;).