Stand Up Meetings

I’m not sure where I heard about this first but Stand up meetings seem to come from agile / extreme programming. I believe we did it a few times when I was doing some contract work at Cloudraker but other than that I’ve never had to use it.

Today a client and their/our end client were both mentioning weekly and daily meetings that ran long all the time, it seemed to be the bane of their existence. I mentioned the stand up idea and they all loved it so I thought I’d mention it here: Have your meetings standing up instead of sitting, promotes concise answers and no blabbering or time wasting.


lightspeedchick June 27, 2008

Vrai, mais petite anecdote: j’ai déjà connu une équipe qui faisait ça, et en pratique, ils finissaient par se tenir debout pendant une heure. Et le gars en chaise roulante avait l’air de se sentir mal. No joke. :)

heri June 27, 2008

travailler debout c est tres efficace aussi.

ca elimine le “browsing” de sites inutiles. je l’ai fait pendant un mois

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