Almost There

Almost feeling like my old web self now, thanks to Mozilla and a newly installed Feed on Feed. Mozilla is so much quicker and displays css so much better, since I havent worked on PCs in 5 months I didnt remember how much IE Win sucks. And thank you whoever invented tabbed browsing, I dont know how we ever lived without it!

Feed on Feeds has been a happy surprise, I was looking for something that would import the OPML file I had exported from NetNewsWire and it’s the first product that looked interesting and did that. You need PHP and MySQL so it’s not for everyone but I like it a lot so far, I’ll just have to keep “backing up” my OPML file to my FoF site and whenever (if ever) I’m stuck without my Mac again I’ll be able to keep up to date. Obviously it doesnt sync with my local software but since it’s for emergencies I dont really care. Actually, I think the function that lets the user see all new entries in one page fits perfectly with the way I read my news, I’ll have to see if the paying version of NNW offers that or something similar.