Shark Jumping

Chloe, I have visual. I think 24 might have jumped the shark. I repeat, I think 24 just jumped the shark. Do you copy?



andre April 3, 2006

We didn’t get it either. That guy is too stupid to tie his own shoes.

That and the invasion of the tie-wearing bureaucrats.

mare April 3, 2006

I think 24 jumped the shark after season 1. But I still watch, because it’s so much fun to be annoyed.

Antoine April 4, 2006

They are not jumping over a shark. It’s Moby dick!

Patrick April 4, 2006

lol. True.

Martine April 4, 2006

Hey, the show hasn’t really strayed from its original premise. It’s always been about how bad the government is, after all. ;-)

Except for Palmer, of course. I keep hoping he’ll be back, like Jesus.

Houssein April 5, 2006

Yeah. Season 4 was so bad. And nothing realy new in season 5… My favorite is season 2.

About Palmer, he was killed because Dennis Haysbert joined a new series: The Unit. He’s still very impressive.

Patrick April 6, 2006

True. I saw the first episode of The Unit, it’s like a team of Jacks, with the president in the trenches ;).

Paolo April 19, 2006

There has been no shark jumping. I say again: there has been no shark jumping. It was a false alarm. Please resume happy viewing.

Seriously, I thought I was a cynic but you people put me to shame. Damned Judas’!

The Unit and Denis Haysbert are great. That is all.

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