Amazing Race Results

Just watched the finale of The Amazing Race 9 and… do I know my shit or do I know my shit? I called the top two (in order) and my pick for 3 finished 4th. I know some don’t like BJ and Tyler but I loved those guys, very entertaining. They are also the ones I felt connected (as much as is possible) the most with the people they met during the race, big points for me when you do that.

It’s the second season in a row I get the top 2. Too bad there’s no money in this time waster.



Ge May 18, 2006

Moi aussi j’avais voté pour les hippies… prochaine saison on se fait un pool…

Epicure May 19, 2006

Très impressionnée par tes prédictions! Moi aussi je voulais que les hippies l’emportent, mais j’ai eu peur des «frat guys» jusqu’à la toute fin.

Définitivement meilleur que la Family Edition!

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