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Forgot to do this since January 1st; the list of books I read in the past year (listed in alphabetical order by author). Last year it was a total of 61 and the previous 50 so I’m kind of disapointed that I “only” made it to 48 this year. It’s a pretty varied list though, which is something I try to do.

I kind of got “stuck” on a couple of books I wasn’t really enjoying and “studied” a couple of non-fiction books that I’m not listing here because I don’t go through them cover to cover which partly explains it. Mostly I think I spent time reading on the web in wifi cafés, time I would have previously spent reading in non-wifi cafés. Oups. Favorites are in bold. Maybe this year I’ll write more about the books I read…

Rule Of The Bone, Banks, Russell

Jennifer Government, Barry, Max

Ravelstein, Bellow, Saul

Drop City, Boyle, T.C

Da Vinci Code, The, Brown, Dan

Dry, Burroughs, Augusten

Utopia, Child, Lincoln

On Mexican Time, Cohan, Tony

Hey Nostradamus, Coupland, Douglas

Second Coming of Steve Jobs, The, Deutschman, Alan

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Doctorow, Cory

Cuba in Mind, Dominguez, Maria F.

Un petit pas pour l’homme, Dompierre, Stéphane

Voyage au Portugal avec un Allemand, Gauthier, Louis

Neuromancer (Remembering Tomorrow), Gibson, William (2nd time)

Pattern Recognition, Gibson, William

Give Me the World, Hadley, Leila

Global Soul, The, Iyer, Pico

Art Of The Start, The, Kawasaki, Guy

Voyage By Dhow, A, Lewis, Norman

CAD, Marin, Rick

Tokyo express, Matsumoto, Sseicho

Razor’s Edge, The, Maugham, Somerset w.

Assorted Fire Events, Means, David

Cloud Atlas, Mitchell, David

Lost in Translation, Mones, Nicole

Les Bébés de la consigne automatique, Murakami, Ryû

Miso soup, Murakami, Ryû

Diary, Palahniuk, Chuck

Una Noche De Cuba, Palla, Massimilliano

Le capitaine Alatriste, Pérez-Reverte, Arturo

Les bûchers de Bocanegra, Pérez-Reverte, Arturo

La reine du sud, Pérez-Reverte, Arturo

Le Soleil de Breda, Pérez-Reverte, Arturo

Dante Club, The, Pearl, Matthew

Still Life with Crows, Preston, Douglas

Spaceland, Rucker, Rudy

Fury, Rushdie, Salman

L’enfance d’un chef, Sartre, Jean-Paul

Hybrids (Neanderthal Parallax), Sawyer, Robert J.

Iterations, Sawyer, Robert J.

Bouche-à-bouche, Segura, Mauricio

_Ça sent la coupe_, Simard, Matthieu

_Échecs amoureux et autres niaiseries_, Simard, Matthieu

Globalhead, Sterling, Bruce

Candide ou l’Optimisme, Voltaire

Small Pieces Loosely Joined, Weinberger, David

Cutting Room, The, Welsh, Louise


Martine January 13, 2005

Je viens de comprendre ce que tu faisais pendant que j’étais au cinéma.


Le seul qu’on a lu en commun c’est “Voyage au Portugal avec un allemand”, je crois. J’ai bien aimé mais je n’en garde aucun souvenir. C’est étrange…

Patrick January 13, 2005

Tu pense à mon blog quand t’est au cinéma?? ;)

J’en garde pas grand souvenir non plus. En fait mon plus gros souvenir c’est d’en avoir lu un bout au Café des arts quelques minutes après cette histoire.

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