Procrastination Wins The Day

On June 16th I was contacted by someone at a small conference here in Montréal who wanted me to do a presentation on blogs, it was to be a 3 hour thing and unpaid but I felt it was an interesting place to speak at and I haven’t done that many presentations (but I’m goood ;) ) so I figured I’d say yes.

My presentation/workshop was to be August 18th so I added a few todos in my Kinkless based document, a couple of “soft” dates and looked forward to producing my slides and presenting.

I was very busy in June and July though and when less busy, I found more interesting things to do and so the dates were pushed back until finally this past saturday I spent a couple of hours, again in Omnioutliner Pro, reviewed the bits of thinking I’d done off and on and outlined what I’d be talking about. Still quite enough time left to prepare but later than I’d planned.

This morning, call from the same person; “we’ve over extended ourselves, we have too many presentations, we’re cutting a few and yours is one of them”. Huh. Unpaid, presentation writing just started, that means I don’t mind all that much so sure, cancel me. If I’d spent the time when I had planned it though, it would be done and I’d be pissed.

Procrastination* wins the day!

*Not Matthieu level who would probably have written it the night before but still procrastination.