Praized Launches

Millions of conversations about local places are occurring across blogs and social media sites every day, yet they are fragmented and unstructured. Online communities now have the tools to capture, aggregate and structure these conversations to deliver relevant recommendations for their users, thanks to Praized Media, the first distributed local search platform designed for social media. The new venture, founded by a team of social media experts and local search technology veterans from Yellow Pages Group, today announced the beta launch of its platform and availability of the first Praized communities on MoCo Loco design blog and Facebook.—Praized Media Introduces First Community-Focused Local Search Platform For Social Media Sites


Matt July 10, 2008

This is great.

But I think I still need to see a use-case scenario to understand exactly what this service does.

e.g. Jim wants to know where to find the best pizza on the plateau…

I think I understand, but still not clear.

Tanya July 30, 2008

Hi Matt.
Full disclosure. I’m Tanya and I’m the Community Conversational Catalyst with Praized Media.

Praized is all about local search so you are right in suggesting the example of Jim looking for the best pizza on the Plateau (which many Praizers have voted as Tomato Pizza btw).

Praized enables Jim to add his reviews of locations to his social networks (blog/ website /Facebook profile). If Jim Twitters that tonight, he is going to have the 12″ double cheese, he can add the Praized tiny URL to the spot he’s ordering from and those who read this can see that there are others in the community can attest to the power of this pizzeria.

If Jim takes a roadtrip to San Francisco, by using the Praized search, he’d see top rated pizzas in this city, read the reviews and have a bit more confidence that his choice has been backed by others.

In essence the tagline for Praized is ‘Trust Your Tribes’, otherwise you might end up needing to reach for the Pepto Bismol!

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