Out of love with America

This summer while travelling I had a few discussions with Americans and tried to explain this, they just didnt seem to be aware of the growing feelings of dislike spreading around the world. I’ll be showing them these stats. I do realise that both the poll and the results have the same flaw, they group diverse individuals in one, well two, big blobs but the overall mood it describes remains true, less and less people like the US and more and more do so with violent fervor.

Is the spread of American ideas good or bad? Here in Britain, 50% say bad. But this soars to 67% in Germany, 68% in Russia, 71% in France – and rampant hostility the moment you get near the Middle East. Try Turkey at 78%, Pakistan at 81% and Egypt at 84%.

Side note; I find myself coming to the Guardian more and more for great and well thought out articles, good stuff.