On and Off

Most of what we do at some point gets “analogyied” to a game, some times you’re on “top of your game” some times not. This week was on most of the time. Played a couple of games of Ultimate, won both, and made more good plays than in pretty much all the rest of the season. Worked a good number of hours, including with a couple of other Yulbloggers where we kicked a decent sized amount of ass, delivering early even with a compressed timeline. Wrote a post of which a good friend said it was “instantly recognizable”, might I have an actual style? Whoah. Kicked my tired derrière to get myself to a party to meet friends I don’t see enough of, had fun. Then needed all of 6-7 minutes to forget the name of a cute woman who walked up and introduced herself and then mangled the conversation and looked a bore. Hum, can’t win ‘em all I guess.


em_ee July 16, 2005

kudos to you – you did kick some fairly decent sized ass this week with the fellow Yulbloggers. chapeau! was also great fun to work with you this week (and…ermm…every other week also…. pffff)

Martine July 16, 2005

”…can’t win ‘em all I guess.”

Of course you can. :-)

Patrick July 16, 2005

em_ee: thx, right back at ya.

“Of course you can. :-)”: huh huh

karl July 16, 2005

Patrick, I propose you start with Martine. She seems pretty ok with it ;)

Martine July 16, 2005

Well, you know, if it’s for the sake of science, I can sacrifice myself. ;-)

Or if you want to practice flirting and small talk, I can write you some lines.

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