Now it’s proven that capitalism didn’t work under pressure

Good plan.

So now it’s proven that capitalism didn’t work under pressure. We got saved by governments funded by collective taxes. We see the capitalists asking for bailouts so they can fail again later.

Time for system change. Instead of bailing out banks, we should get a citizen salary. Cheaper, more fair and will make the people have money enough to afford supporting local business’ that will NOT get a bailout anyhow.

Now that gas prices are low, it’s time to stop subsidising that. Raise taxes on fossil fuels. Now that noone is flying, it’s a perfect time to subsidise trains and other climate friendly travel. Remove all subsidies for air travel.

Now that people are using the Internet to work, let’s make the Internet a human right. Let’s ban data caps, surveillance of our communication (people will understand more than ever their need for privacy in a crisis like this).

Now that hospitals are given a real budget and new public management isn’t involved, it’s time to keep it that way. Universal health care, and let’s get rid of privatised health facilities. We need a community to be equal. This virus could be the boost that we need to actually achieve that much needed system change.

Let’s use the opportunity!

Thread by Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi.