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So after launching Ceboça a little while ago and then a redesign for this site, now comes the redesign of my portfolio site for Taste of Blue. Like the design before it, it’s a super simple look with just a short description of services, an about “us” and a few recent projects. I’m filling in some more projects behind the scenes and when the last couple of years are filled in I’ll enable paging so you can see further back in time.

About the “us”. As most of you know, Taste of Blue is actually a one person shop so why the “us”? Well although I’d been meaning to make the next version an “I” using one, in the last year I’ve focused (and have been sought for) slightly larger projects. At the same time I’ve largely given up on designing these projects myself (except for blogs), living with a great designer and having another one as a business partner for Station C makes it clear that I can design what I like but I’m not a real designer. That means that on most projects I’m collaborating with designers so even though they are not my employees, it’s usually a “we” that’s assigned to the project. Larger projects also often imply more backend work and so I have and will bring in help more and more in the futur from a couple of sources so again, “us” will make more sense.

You might also notice that a few of the recents mention “consulting” which I’ve done a bit more regularly and would like to do more of. It would probably require it’s own post but quickly: I’m more “veille technologique” and “this is how it can be done” than “strategy”. More understanding less buzzwording™.

Lastly, you’ll notice the great new(ish) logo. This is the first time I use it online even though it’s been on my business cards for months now. It was created by my talented girlfriend Marie-Claude Doyon and I think it kicks ass, it also got as many comments as the rest of the site when I “soft launched” it on Twitter.

Comments and bug reports are welcome.


edemay November 27, 2008

like the logotype
and one page anything rules.

Ne manque t’il pas la barre “CÉBOÇA 4 EACH 7 SI J’AVAIS SU ÇA TASTE OF BLUE STATION C” en haut de ta page?

Patrick November 28, 2008

Ouin c’est vrai, faudrait ben que je rajoute ça.

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