Movies In The Last Couple of Months

I always mean to post about each quickly and individually but, as with many things, never get around to it.

  • Paris, je t’aime. Une collection de films courts tournés à Paris par différent directeurs. La plupart des commentaires parlent d’une qualité très inégale et c’est vrai mais j’ai trouvé que même les “moins bons” sont quand même pas mal du tout et les meilleurs sont vraiment excellent. Niveau de qualité moyen quand même plus élevé que bien des films donc. Tous les segments sont listés sur Wikipedia, Quais de Seine et Faubourg Saint-Denis me sont restés en tête plus que les autres. J’ai aussi bien aimé Père-Lachaise pour la scène et le choix d’acteurs et Parc Monceau pour Nick Nolte. 14e arrondissement était pissant.
  • Syriana was a bit heavy and complex to get but well worth it. Love the George as always. Not fall backwards good as some claimed but highly recommended.
  • Illusionist, The. Supposedly one of the two magician movies that came out almost at the same time was good. This was not that one. Suckage.
  • Notes on a scandal. Wonderful, gorgeous sexy Cate Blanchett. Lady Judi Dench is awesome. Dark, very british movie. Excellent.
  • Diggers. “A coming-of-age story about four working-class friends growing up in Long Island, New York, as clam diggers.” Pretty good in an indy film kind of way. Nice performances from a good cast.
  • Dans Paris. Bons acteurs, scénario un peu moyen mais avec de beaux flash. J’ai bien aimé.
  • 300. Just watch the trailer 10-12 times in a row and you’ll save a few bucks. Gorgeous visuals but it’s just one big fight scene, literally. Very disappointed.
  • 23. Would have been a decent scenario if it had been a little less obvious in it’s use of flashing arrows. Jim Carrey is somewhat interesting.
  • Papillon. A classic with Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. I read the books years and years ago but had forgotten a lot of the story so I wasn’t caught in the “it matches the book or not” loop. Loved it, great actors, great story, well made, impressive job on changing McQueen’s appearance throughout the film.
  • Annie Hall. Second movie to come to me through Zip where I piled a bunch of must see movies. I’ve seen almost no Allen movies and know of him mostly from reputation and his crazy personal life so I enjoyed seeing is pretty lovable, funny, idiosyncratic persona here. Annie Hall’s character isn’t at all what I expected but well delivered by Keaton. But why am I even writing about this movie? Everyone knows about it already.
  • War Made Easy. Not bad and something many americans still need to see but nothing that we haven’t seen many times (and often better done) on The Daily Show. Couple of places where they skip over details to suit their purpose. Including Clinton’s US going into Kosovo to stop a genocide with Vietnam or Dubbya’s Iraq bugged me. It was put there pretty much only to build a fake uninterrupted string of presidents lying about reasons for war.
  • An Inconvenient Truth. I’m surprised so many well informed people were fawning over the movie that much. It is very very good but very little new information if you were half way well informed before. Superb effort and results though when matched with the what most people know before seeing it. Some infographics were fantastic but disapointed me a little because they are so good Gore certainly didn’t make them and I always liked the mystique of him perfecting his slide set. Them ain’t slides in the movie.


m-c September 1, 2007

The illusionist, suckage, met-en

Annie Hall – one of my all time fav!

Suzanne September 2, 2007

Was the scene with the lobster in Annie Hall? Love that! Great movie.

One of my other Woody Allen favorites is Manhattan Murder Mystery.

Gotta see Notes on a Scandal. It’s surprising we haven’t watched it yet since the BF is such a Cate Blanchett fan (for exactly the same reasons you listed ;).

Patrick September 3, 2007

lobster: yes

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