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I got nothin’. I’ve gone through my pile of links to blog or read and, well, it’s empty. Nothing to blog so even though I’ve seen only 3-4 movies this year in theaters, I’ll still go through a bunch of trailers and give some useless comments.

Batman Begins looks very good, seems to be done in the appropriate dark style.

Shark Tale could hardly be more copied on Finding Nemo but still seems pretty funny.

Saw I think this is one that might be like 7even, good scary movie that you don’t ever want to see again.

Nicotina, a hacker-heist movie not from the states, sounds good.

Sideways, Criminal and Silver City all feature good “they only get second roles because they don’t have a classic hollywood face” actors. I hope they have success, guys like John C. Reilly deserve first roles.

I read The Motorcycle Diaries last summer, not all that good but very readable, certainly gives an interesting look into what made the Che tick, at least in part. Hope the movie’s good and having Gael García Bernal certainly is a good start.

Finally, Hero is an “old times” martial arts movie with Jet Li, Ziyi Zhang and Maggie Cheung, ‘nuff said.


Martine August 24, 2004

Je n’avais pas entendu parler de Nicotina. Merci! J’ai fait parvenir la bande annonce à ma productrice. Ça met de la pression. ;-)

Un film avec le beau Gael ne peut jamais être complètement mauvais!

J’ai aussi hâte de voir Hero.

Patrick August 24, 2004

C’est vrai que c’est similaire, j’avais pas allumé. Tant mieux si ca aide ;)

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