Another Guardian List

When you have nothing to say, a good old Guardian top something list is always a good filler. This time it’s The Top Ten Sci-Fi Films. Sadly, there’s three of them that I haven’t seen but the rest is a pretty good selection. I’d add Ghost in the Shell and/or Akira. I can’t think of others that really deserve a spot more than the ones listed but I might be forgetting something, it’s getting late. Which movie do you think is missing or shouldn’t be there?

ps: MJ, I’m sure you’ll comment, don’t forget the first click is only a preview. :-p


Splurge August 27, 2004

Maybe not a Top-Ten candidate, but a great Sci-Fi movie is ‘Dark City’ starring Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt and Jennifer Connelly.

lightspeedchick August 27, 2004

Missing Aliens and The Fifth Element. But yeah, Blade Runner is the best Sci-Fi movie ever made.

Patrick August 27, 2004

Dark City! That’s exactly what I meant by “forgetting some”, that is an excellent movie.

I considered mentioning Fifth Element, not absolutely sure I’d say top 10 but certainly close.

gamera August 29, 2004

Oh, oh, oh… I know…

The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra.

Maybe not the film itself but what it represents (The Brain From Planet Arous, The Screaming Skull, It Conquered The World, The Atomic Brain, etc..)

Because in a way Sci-Fi is also a poor excuse to say anything, confuse the audience and cash in on people credibility. There is both a good and a bad side to it.


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