By the way, not sure if anyone’s noticed yet but yesterday, or was it monday? I closed down Yulzine Duality. Too much pushing required on my part, tried to move the responsibility around a bit but no go so it’s now closed. It was fun while it lasted.


lightspeedchick December 15, 2005

:( RIP duality. Thanks for running it while it lasted. It was a hella good idea.

Martine December 15, 2005

Thanks for taking care of this fun project, Patrick. We’ll have to do a post-mortem. :-)

martin December 15, 2005

Dommage, beau projet.

Me December 16, 2005

It’s a sad day for Yulblog. J’aimais beaucoup ce projet, j’attendais impatiemment ma prochaine commande… fort dommage. snif. Personne pour prendre le relais? … merci pour tout quand même.

cfd December 16, 2005

Why do people assume that Internet project must last forever?

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