Macromedia Central

Macromedia have put out a presentation for their Central product coming out this summer. I think this has a lot of potential for easily distributing little rich internet applications for small tasks but I’m not sure about how they are presenting it.

  • “Occasionnaly connected computing”. Yeah, so? As we are connected more and more constantly through cable, dsl and wifi why is this an important point?
  • “Consistent experience across applications”. If the interface is consistent, why use flash? I know Flash is more than moving thingies but if they all look the same I’m sure some other technologies could have done the same job no?

    And if you’re going to “tape” a presentation, couldnt you make sure there arent 50 “hum”s and “mouth noises”? It’s perfectly fine in a live presentation but why not make sure there are none in a recording?