Ce soir!

Le gratin de la blogosphre va se bourrer la gueule se rafrachir autour de bires et autres breuvages tout en changeant ses points de vues. (phrase pique Laurent qui annoncait de son ct le meeting des blogeurs Parisiens)

Venez faire un tour, belle gang de monde rencontrer.


Alex August 6, 2003

You guys seem to have fun at these things, I’d love to come to the next one but you know, i’m a disgruntled teenager with the attention span of an eppileptic R2D2. Unless…is beer on the menu? Nuts! What I’m trying to say is that I can’t make it this time, but will next time! And I’d have to photograph the COW, cow, i don’t get the inside joke but it’s still the funniest picture online (you know which one I mean, the one with the mugshots) – copy? I hope you had/have fun at La cabane.

Martine August 7, 2003

Alex, do come next time! And there’s no inside joke about the cow, it’s just that Karl (from La Grange) likes cows, being from Normandy, and he used to bring a little stuffed-toy cow to the bar so that new people could spot the group of bloggers easily. It just became a tradition and people have fun talking wild pictures of the cow.

Patrick August 10, 2003

Oups, seems I forgot to answer this one. Thanks Martine for the quicker answer and Alex, like she said, do come by, we’re always happy to meet new bloggers.

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