Life Timeline

I’ve had this idle thought in the back of my mind for a few weeks. Haven’t thought of it that much and I’ve certainly done no research but it’s come to mind regularly; a “life timeline app.” Kind of like those historical timelines where you see periods, how they overlap, when medieval times end, when empires crumble, etc. I’d like to have something like that for my life.

Years in high school, college. Years I worked in sales, period lived in Sherbrooke, lived in Montréal. First trips to Europe, the one time in Australia. Those three months spent in Berlin. When did the Station C process start? When I left, when it closed. The 6 years I was taking care of Yulblog. Buying half of the condo. The slice of life of The Alpine Review started in 2012, etc.

As I get older, some of those things are getting quite a bit further back in the past and it feels like having a glance back, a compilation of the stages of my life, would be fun to have. There are also {shudders} parts of it that are pre-internet and thus pre-email and I’ve realized that there are a lot of things that I just search through email to verify dates but pre-email, there’s no quick (or even existing) place to find exact(ish) dates. Which summers was I working for an inventory taking company again? Which month did I start my first full time job? Ended on…?

Lots of potential reminiscing but also a kind of needed way of keeping a trace of what I’ve done and lived. Documenting before I forget (hey, some of that stuff can be 30+ years ago!).

So yeah, I think it would be fun to have that represented visually, see slow years and see times when 4 projects overlap. I’ll be looking for apps or for a hackish way of getting it done with something else. Spreadsheet perhaps? HTML table?!?!


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