The city of Montréal intends to crack down on red lights and stops burning and are putting 133 cops on the streets for that purpose. Although Gravenor also mentions crosswalks and how drivers completely ignore them, according to his phrasing, it doesn’t look like they will be part of the crackdown which is a real shame.

If you respect lights and stops, you just have to be weary of people accelerating through yellows or doing “american stops”, the basic function is still there but with crosswalks, you can’t simply be careful, they are not respected at all, they do not exist for drivers, the functionality has completely disappeared. That’s what should be cracked down on in my opinion.

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Hoedic February 8, 2006

> the functionality has completely disappeared

That’s normal, the pedestrian has disappeared !

Add word to dictionnary : Jaywalking :)

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