How American are Startups?

At Xtech Paul Graham’s keynote talked about wether silicon valley’s success could be duplicated, some of the content was questioned by a few people and Tom Coates has a good analysis with some more interesting opinions in the comments. Certainly some good directions to think about for Montréal.

I think an aspect that is often overlooked in their “woohoo we’re so great around here” rethoric is the heavy impact of military spending (mentioned in the comments), a good number of the prerequisites Graham mentions are results of gov. military moneys from decades ago.


Patrick May 18, 2006

Excellent. Thx.

aj May 18, 2006

Isn’t this sort of a bit of the same, Richard Florida, Creative Class stuff?

And I agree, Montreal could duplicate some of that, plus it lacks all of the negatives that that commenter lists. As long as the economy doesn’t overheat and real estate spike out of all control it might be good. (thankfully it’s cooling off at the moment, expect a lot of unsold luxury condos to go cheap in a year)

Patrick May 20, 2006

You’re right, pretty Floridaish.

I’ll keep your condo forecast in mind ;)

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