Help Mat Build a Wonderful Web App

Mat Balez, who’s just moved back to town to start up his new project is looking for a partner.

I’m looking for someone to help me build the thing, likely in a partnership capacity. Someone with significant Ruby on Rails (or Python/Django if you are convincing) and Javascript expertise to lead the site’s development, and with design chops sufficient to create something that might be characterized as ‘easy on the eyes’.

Contact him if you fit the bill, I know a bit about what his project is and it’s a very interesting concept.

Personal opinion; it’s almost impossible to find someone with such a broad set of talents—from significant coding experience to “some design chops”—so if you have the programming side covered, be sure to get in touch with Mat anyway.


mat April 15, 2007

Thanks for the posting Patrick.

Agreed that the specs might be a little ambitious. You’re right though in insinuating that the programming side is probably more important than the design (at least at this early stage).

Patrick April 16, 2007

Well I’d say design is important from the start when taken in it’s broader true sense but it’s probably easier to find a partner for the actual building and bring in a freelancer for the design than the opposite, assuming I’m right and that mix is rare.

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