Free WiFi in Montreal

After a few weeks of being too lazy to stop on the way back from work, I finally stopped at the “red” Second Cup on Mont-Royal to confirm a tip I had gotten about some possible free Wifi there. RUMOUR CONFIRMED!! There is actually free Wifi access through a service named Tadaa (no url on the poster and the 40sec. googling I just did returned nothing related). They have a CD that does a quick install on your system (PC/Mac), you give 2 pieces of identity in exchange for a card (or use your own) and there you go, connected on the net on one of the best cafe terrasses on the street :) I dont have an Airport card yet in my iBook but as soon as I get one I’ll confirm if it works. (anyone can do it sooner?)

Update 16h13: Yahoo map of the location, the star isnt really in the right spot though, the cafe is actually on the other side of the street but the street corner is correct.


steph May 8, 2003

Woo! Which is the nearest cross-road?

Patrick May 8, 2003

Found it on yahoo maps, added it to the entry above.

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