Evangeline on iTunes

The Apple media event is going on. The news I’m interested in so far is one I’ve been waiting for for a few years. Per episode online tv show purchases (imagines Karl cringing). Three lines from the on the fly posting I’m following:

  • iTunes 6 to be released
  • Videos have Digital Rights Management built in. Can play on up to 5 computers.
  • You will be able to buy TV shows from iTunes Music Store. $1.99 per episode. ABC on board (Desperate Housewives, Lost)

    The second item isn’t good but I don’t really care. In a little while when more channels are on board I can dump my vcr and buy the shows I want to see. (Ads still in there though??)

    Oh man, maybe they’ll have HBO on there!!

    [Update] TV shows only available in the US. Fuckers!