I saw X-Men 2 this afternoon. Loved it, action action action. Unbelievably gorgeous, seamless and spectacular effects, you dont even notice it’s computer generated, you’re just there. Somewhat corny in parts but far less than could have been feared. Some little problems with details for people who read the comic books but again, not too bad. There are a lot of threads being started for futur installments, expect at least X4 just from what is introduced here and that’s not mentionning the possible spinoffs some people are already mentionning. Brian Cox plays one fantastic baddy, Cyclops James Marsden sucks big time and it’s uncanny how much Hugh Jackman looks like Wolverine (even more than in the first I think).

Low point: If you’re seeing it at the Paramount in Montral expect over 20 minutes of ads and previews before the actual movie!