I know the vast majority of bloggers say that they have met great people, made friends ant that on the whole blogging as been a great experience. I have to wonder though if it’s always worth it to the so-called A-listers to be under srutiny.

Due to the format, when commenting on blogs people seem to think they are either talking to their neighbour / friends or to someone who’s job it is to listen to them and sometimes I’m sure it must be very tiring to read some of the crap people put up on your own site and how they seem to consider your space as their own personnal discussion group.

I know that it’s also through commenting and interaction that good discussions and friendships or collaborations get started but when I see some of the idiotic comments posted I wonder how they put up with it. Not the worst instance I’ve seen, believe me, just the latest.

Following another such “incident”, Paul Jarvis just closed down his site. Good going morons! Think before you comment, those are ordinary people and they dont owe you anything.


paul March 23, 2003

having a blog that had over 500 people reading it a day, i’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. i piss lots of people off (even though this gh guy i didn’t know or offend before he started harassing me), and although it’s severely low to bring work into it, people *are* assholes and aren’t above doing such dirty things.

oh well, it was a good run while it lasted ;)

Patrick March 24, 2003

Well hopefully he’s gonna crawl under a rock someplace and you can get back to blogging. Keep my email handy and warn me if you start something at another url, I promise I rarely comment on other blogs ;)

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