Shut up!!

Neal Pollack writes the only piece concerning the Iraq situation that I can say I wholeheartedly support. He basically tells everyone from any side who is writing or as written about the situation to SHUT UP!! Some choice words;

Shut up, antiwar people. Shut up, pro-war people. Shut down your computers and shut your goddamn pieholes. No one gives a shit what you write, so stop writing about the war. Shut up, all of you… ….Sullivan jousts with his enemies, both real and imagined, sneering and smearing in the most obnoxious manner possible. It’s a combat to the death that occurs only in the hellbroth of his mind… …This is not a second-year honors seminar at the Kennedy School of Government. This is war, motherfucker!… …Ted Rall’s piece in this paper a couple of weeks ago was little more than the lengthy shriek of a madman… …Dan! You support the president! Now shut up and go test-drive that three-pronged dildo for your next column.

Yes, please, can you all just shut up!