Coder’s Saturday

It’s pretty last minute but should be a cool event; we’re (Station C) hosting a mini conference in partnership with Nurun and Yahoo! Québec:

Christian Heilmann, a well known web developer (Yahoo! UK) who’s written for many respected online publications will be in Montréal end of March, we’ll use the occasion to hold a mini conference centered around javascript, Ajax and APIs. In collaboration with Nurun and Yahoo! Québec, the “Coder’s Saturday” will be held Saturday March 22nd at Station C and will start at noon with a light lunch and a chance to meet everyone.

Other than Heilmann, 3 other presenters are already programmed, we are looking for 4 other subjects to present. Contact us if you are interested but first, register to the event if you want to attend, space is limited to 30 lucky people. (it’s a free event)

You can register on Facebook or Upcoming.

I’m also looking for other presenters so make sure to email me if you are interested or with names of people I should talk to.