Citizen Space

The “über connected I wonder when they sleep” Chris and Tara (and Ben but he hasn’t been waving the coworking flag as much) have just moved into their new Citizen Space and it looks reaaaally good. Nice work guys. Some interesting decisions too on the scheduling and pricing side, well thought out and all noted for ours (which damned well better happen in 2007).


Chris Messina November 4, 2006

Hey, thanks for the comments! We’re totally excited about the space and all its potential. That we’ve been able to outfit the space on more-or-less a shoestring (mostly due to IKEA) helps as well. In fact, we count our investment in Aerons—i.e. every $900 we spend is another Aeron chair we could have bought but didn’t.

We start out spending three Aerons to start, and in the last day spent another Aeron-and-a-half filling out incidentals and a few more pieces of furniture. Still, it’s something that can totally be done more cheaply if you buy surplus or from bankruptcy closeouts.

How far along are you with your space?

Patrick November 4, 2006

Hasn’t come along much, everyone’s very busy but my talk at BarCampMontreal was about the different types of coworking spaces and got a very good reception, some new people have jumped in and I think we’ll be moving on something in the next few months.

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