BarCamp Montréal

What is BarCamp?

“BarCamp is a … event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.” Sorta like a conference, but everyone is welcome, it’s free, and everyone is encouraged to participate and/or present something. Related to geekiness.

When is BarCamp?:

Saturday, October 21, 2006. 10AM – 6PM

Where is BarCamp?

486 St. Catherine W., Suite 303

How do you register?

On the wiki, of course.

(shamelessly copied the post from Hugh)


julien October 18, 2006

i love how vague it is. “discussions, demos, and interaction,” but about what? ducks? the holocaust?

Sylvain October 18, 2006

it’s about stuff and people and the intarweb… or something. Nobody knows for sure, that’s kind of what makes it interesting, maybe.

(yes this is an ironic comment, i think)

Hugh McGuire October 18, 2006

what is vague about: “related to geekiness”?


julien October 18, 2006

this comment is also ironic! highly ironic even!

Sylvain October 19, 2006

Well, I could do a cyberduck demo, and then we could argue how Transmit or Fugu is better and all not agree and argue again until we reach the goodwin point.

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