3/4 of FF Signed

Three of four have been signed for the main cast of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Chicklis will play The Thing, I think he’s too small but the face and acting are right so he could certainly do a good job. I’ve never seen Ioan Gruffud and he’s kinda young for the role of Reed Richards but he looks right so he might be ok.

I don’t know which of the five Chris Evans got the role though and although Jessica Alba is gorgeous I don’t see her as Sue Richard. Rachel McAdams looks the part and she’s been getting great reviews for The Notebook, I think she’s a better choice.

[Update: Alba confirmed]


John July 9, 2004

Jessica Alba is gorgeous I dont see her as Sue Richards

SEE her? Oh, I get it now. The Invisible Woman.

Anyway, from what I’ve read I think this particular film is going for a younger version of the team we’re familiar with. There is a series of comic titles at Marvel called the “Ultimate” line. Essentially, they offer a modern retelling of the classic Marvel characters. I’ve read the Ultimate FF series and it’s not a bad way to introduce characters to an audience that has a vague idea of who the FF is but doesn’t care a whit about cosmic rays or mole men or the negative zone or any of that stuff.

I’ve also read Elisha Cuthbert is up for Invisible Woman. I’d overlook her “unique” acting skills just to see her in the blue uniform. Yes I am a nerd and a perverted one at that.

Patrick July 9, 2004

Hehe. I like readers like you, you make up your own wordplay for what I say!

I’m with you on Elisha Cuthbert. Although if you’re selecting on that criteria, Alba should get it. Sorry for the pig talk ladies ;)

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