05 Already

Well, 2004 ended like it started; drinking wine at Martine and Ed’s, in the mean time some stuff happened.

  • Got a couple of contracts within a couple of days of each other. Got things started for real.
  • Went to France for a few weeks.
  • At roughly the same time a great young woman was also there… but she didn’t make it back. Incompréhensible.
  • Busted a knee and missed a few months of ultimate, had a very good summer season.
  • Some dating type things.
  • Didn’t see anywhere near enough movies.
  • Didn’t read quite as much as I would have liked.
  • Procrastinated. And yet got things done too.
  • Made it into a freelance program that pretty much garanties I can keep doing that at least through 2005.
  • Enjoyed the life of working from home and in cafes, taking afternoons off when the weather’s great and generally making friends jealous.
  • Although some luck was involved with the freelance thing, I did work for it. The true luck was getting to spend time with friends and making new ones offline and on. Thanks to Andrea, MJ, Fanny, MC, Martine, Nika, Steph, Steph, Taryn, Pierre, Alex, PB, Ed, AJ, ‘toine, mah, Yves, Oscar… and anyone I’m forgetting, for making this a great year. So great in fact that my only resolution is to keep things going the same.


lightspeedchick January 2, 2005

May 2005 be your happiest year yet. :)

bits January 2, 2005

Whish you Many more years like this one and a third in a row True North NFL picker Title.

Bonne Année 2005

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