Zeldman’s Web 3.0

Used to be that Zeldman was the center of the css world, a lot of the stories and buzz started with him but following his success he disappeared a bit, concentrating on his work. With his Web 3.0 I think he shows why he’s so well respected. Down to earth look back at the buzz and bubble cycles and the crap behavior they produce.

It soon appeared that “Web 2.0” was not only bigger than the Apocalypse but also more profitable. Profitable, that is, for investors like the speaker. Yet the new gold rush must not be confused with the dot-com bubble of the 1990s: “Web 1.0 was not disruptive. You understand? Web 2.0 is totally disruptive. You know what XML is? You’ve heard about well-formedness? Okay. So anyway—”