I was a believer in Firefox or, actually, in anything but IE, I thought things had to change and would but I thought it would take a long time. Well, we’re still a long way from there but this OneStat study shows a 5.3% rise over 6 months. That’s fantastic since it’s still the beginning, gaining momentum. A lot of the “switch to Firefox, it’s more secure” articles came out a way along those months and 1.0 came out only a couple of weeks ago. A Google branded version or a Dell or HP shipping their systems with it could make a huge difference.

I am sooooo impressed with the whole Firefox situation right now. It’s been proven for a while that things in various fields can take off virally and it’s been proven for a while that Open Source Software can be very strong technically but getting both on one product, and a good interface and a nice looking site and advertising and documentation and a cool logo and a well organized support and promotion structure well, that’s just incredible. Great job everyone.

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TheDon August 29, 2003

Hey great news and thanks for posting it!

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