Worth a Try

Looking for an old link in my bookmarks (yes, I still use offline ones too!) I found this one about Flickr looking for community managers. It’s from February but looking quickly through their blog I don’t see any news about all positions being filled and since Heather, who wrote the post, will be in Montréal in a couple of weeks, might be a good idea to give it a go anyway, just in case.

They are looking for people to manage the community in multiple languages (dont en français j’assume) and you can work from anywhere. So I’m guessing people from around here (Montréal) can apply and could work from here. Having been briefly exposed to the Flickrites at their 3rd anniversary party and seeing some glimpses of it through Aaron, it looks like a fun bunch to work with. Vanou, tu te cherchais pas une job? ;)

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vanou June 4, 2007

Fore sure!

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