A couple of Wiki things:

I’ve been taking a look at Wikis lately, I’ve installed PHPWiki last week and have been trying it out. I’ve already found a couple of limitations though, first one is the visual layout, since I’ve been using it for documents I’d like to be able to have more varied typography and general visuals like boxes and styled blockquotes. Adding style definitions is easy with css but entering the code within the editing page to call them up doesnt seem possible. The second problem is that the documentation is incomplete and/or hard to go through. I’ve already found a couple of things by looking at how text was entered but I’m sure I’m missing things. Can anyone suggest another Wiki system? (I’m already looking through this list of engines)

The second thing is a post by Clay Shirky reviewing how Wiki technology has been used for the discussion concerning Pie/Echo/Atom/Nota. It’s an interesting review well worth reading and has me wondering if we should consider it as a possible addon or replacement for the w3qc list. I dont know enough yet to officially suggest this but I’m keeping it in mind.