When I was a kid we had a big black encyclopedia in the basement “library”, I’d sometimes page through it, read some parts but they were all big bulky books and you had go from volume to volume. Not the most user friendly. Quite different from paging through Wikipedia where you can simply click from subject to subject and waste time.

Like this morning; Borisian history of religion, leads to Dark Ages, leads to Völkerwanderung, the Great Migrations, leads to Pannonia, an ancient country I’d never heard of. Some of it is now part of Slovenia which might very well be part of my next european trip. Mostly for it’s capital Ljubljana, this year’s Prague. From there on to Illyrian provinces which were part of the Napoleonic Empire. On to Croatia and Zagreb, another stop on the same potential trip.

That’s it, no point, just having fun reading stuff and taking note of a great tool.


Sylvain November 18, 2004

Waste time learning… c’est un concept révolutionnaire, non?!

Martine November 18, 2004

Hey, I want to go to Slovenia too! And Croatia, of course. ;-)

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