Wikipedia Contrail

As you probably know, I’m a sucker for a good meme. This one is fun, Wikipedia Contrails. Last few things you’ve checked out on Wikipedia.

  • Archibald Putt for “Putt’s Law”, which I read about somewhere.
  • Despotism for another post today. Which also puts Russia, Venezuela and a couple of forms of government in my contrail.
  • Catalonia, following the recent referendum.
  • Czech Republic. Not sure why, probably related to the football team at the world cup.
  • Kazakhstan, they launched a satellite so I looked up the country.
  • Lyrebird there was a video somewhere on Youtube showing the crazy sounds that bird makes (still not sure I believe the video).
  • Montréal Canadiens, wanted to confirm they won in 93, not 94 before posting about the Canes winning.
  • Prague, just czeching it out after the country. (bad, bad joke)
  • Ray Ozzie after the Gates leaving MS news, to comment on his being “lame” on another blog. (I was arguing he’s not)
  • Thin Slicing following a link, to refresh my memory on the concept.
  • Veliko Turnovo. Not sure, I think I was trying to find a guy who wrote a WordPress plugin and wondered where the heck that was.

    What’s your contrail?