Who’s Your Field’s Awesomest?

The folks at 37 Signals are hiring a new Rails guy. DHH coded Rails when building Basecamp (you gotta go back to your roots guys, this page is bloody aweful, looks like a cheap flyer), they are a huge influence for independent developers and small, simple, well designed web apps. Jason Fried is somewhat of a guru in certain webdev circles. All of that to say, for a Rails developer, is working for 37 Signals like playing for the Canadiens back in the day? Or the Celtics or Yankees ?

Second question, in your field, who’s the most awesomest company you can work for (or maybe the one person to work with)? For myself it used to be Adaptive Path, now it might be Clearleft or Happy Cog but I’m not as much of a standardista is I used to be. I’ll have to think about that. Anyway, who is it in your field?

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